Container Swimming Pools: Dive into a Shipping Container Pool

Container Swimming Pools: Dive into a Shipping Container Pool

Unpacking the World of Shipping Container Pools

Container pools, a modern twist to traditional swimming pools, are becoming increasingly popular. This article explores everything you need to know of steel shipping container pools, from their eco-friendly nature to installation costs. If you're considering a unique addition to your backyard, this guide will help you understand why a container pool might be the perfect pool for you.

What Is a Container Pool?

A container pool is a swimming pool made from a repurposed shipping container. These 3d pools are known for their modern design, durability, and convenience. Unlike traditional in-ground pools, container pools offer a unique, eco-friendly alternative that can be installed with less time and cost.

Why Choose a Container Swimming Pool?

When you’re looking for a swimming pool that's both cost-effective and stylish, shipping container pools come as an excellent choice. Their industrial look, combined with customization options, makes them a trendy addition to any home. Plus, the eco-friendly aspect of repurposing shipping containers adds to their appeal.

Shipping Container Pool vs. Traditional Pool

Comparing container pools to traditional in-ground pools, the differences lie in installation, cost, and maintenance. Traditional pools often require extensive excavation and construction, while a shipping container pool arrives to be set up more quickly and with less disruption. The all-in costs for your entire pool project, not including landscaping & other backyard enhancements, are typically less, especially with an above ground installation. Being that the pool size is smaller, less chemicals are necessary to maintain a container pool.

Additionally, for ContainUR Pools, our typical lead time is no more than 3 months. Currently, our lead time is 6-8 weeks.

Is a Container Pool More Eco-Friendly?

Yes, container pools are an eco-friendly pool option. By repurposing used shipping containers, they reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact compared to building a new in-ground pool. Their design, requiring less ground excavation and using repurposed shipping containers, significantly dictates their eco-friendliness. Furthermore, container swimming pools use fewer materials and cause less environmental disruption making them more green.

How Sustainable is a Container Swimming Pool?

Modular pools, particularly container swimming pools, offer a highly sustainable choice. Utilizing high cube containers to create 2 pools out of 1 container further cutting down on waste. I suggest: 

Shipping containers are made of steel, typically but not always cor-10 which is very strong steel, created to last decades & resist breakdown (think about ships crossing oceans with many of these containers that are reused for freight over & over - they have to withstand harsh conditions!) Further, at ContainUR Pools, they only use brand new or 1-trip containers, utilizing 2-part polyurethane paint on the exterior of the container to resist rust and apply ceramic insulation on the interior to prevent container rain aka condensation, enhancing pool sustainability. Additionally, with the smooth gelcoat finish on the fiberglass shell divider wall insulate, a fiberglass pool will endure for the long haul as well. Thus, these pools bring a lasting solution in the world of leisure & recreation.

Are Shipping Container Pools Durable?

Absolutely, shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions, making them extremely durable. With proper care, a shipping container pool can last for many years, providing strength and durability that rivals traditional pools.

Custom Build Options for Container Pools

Container pools can be customized in a few different ways. From versatility of installation to interior finishes & equipment upgrades, you can create the backyard transformation you want. Built-in added features like pool lights, upgraded heaters, exercise systems, river swim jets, or chemical-reduced cleaning systems can enhance your swimming experience.

Can You Add-On a Hot Tub to a Container Pool?

Yes, many container pools include the option to include a hot tub or spa area. This add-on creates a versatile space for relaxation and entertainment. Some owners even add-on more things like a custom bench or a dock after the pool is installed.

Installation Process of ContainUR Pools

Installing a container pool typically involves preparing a concrete slab foundation, the installation process is usually quicker than in-ground pools.

Do You Need a Special Foundation for a Container Pool?

Yes, typically a concrete slab is used that is rated for the weight of the container pool when filled with water. However, it is always best to check with your contractor taking care of the foundation for your container pool to ensure it is the best material for your soil composition. 

Maintenance and Care of Container Pools

Maintaining a container pool is similar to traditional pools. Regular cleaning, maintaining water chemistry, and checking the filtration system are key to keeping your pool in excellent condition. The huge pro is that, since it is a smaller body of water, you are still able to have just as much fun with a fraction of your time spent cleaning & maintaining. 

How to Prevent Corrosion and Leaks?

For ContainUR Pools, regular maintenance & cleaning is key to ensuring your gelcoat-finished fiberglass pool surface, window (if you have one) & equipment stay in tip-top shape. If you do need a warranty service performed for the actual pool (not equipment), we do require a record of water maintenance & balancing for it to be covered. Equipment warranties are through their respective manufacturers. 

Are Container Pools Safe for Kids?

With appropriate safety measures in place, container pools are just as safe for kids as traditional swimming pools. Always supervise children and consider additional safety features like pool covers.

Benefits of a Container Pool for Modern Design Homes

Container pools blend seamlessly with modern home designs. Their sleek, industrial look complements contemporary aesthetics, and their compact size makes them ideal for smaller spaces. Packed with smartphone pool technology as standard equipment, you get a Variable Speed Pump & OmniHub that has WiFi capabilities with an IntelliHUB Pool Touch Screen that integrates with smart phones/tablets, Alexa or Google Home.

How Does a Container Pool Enhance Your Property?

A container pool not only adds visual appeal to your property but can increase your rental income by 22-33% according to ContainUR Pools! One of their clients testified that her rate was $500 more per night than a similar home without a container pool. For non-rental residential homes, it can also increase its value. It's a unique feature that sets your home apart and can be a significant selling point. Plus, the cost is typically less than an in-ground pool & you can get 2-in-1 if you opt for our model with a pool and spa.

What Do You Line a Shipping Container Pool With?

Shipping container pools are typically produced with spray epoxies or liners directly over the container steel  from companies like Modpools, Ecopools, or Trek Pools which unfortunately doesn't completely waterproof the build. Only 1 company in the entire US, ContainUR Pools modify their builds with the highest quality fiberglass shell insert which ensures the waterproofing process. The construct done with fiberglass not only ensures the pool is watertight but also provides a smooth, comfortable surface for swimmers. Some pool owners opt for custom color finishes for aesthetic purposes.

Are Container Pools a Good Idea?

Container pools are an excellent idea for those seeking an innovative, eco-friendly, and modern pool design. Their adaptability to various spaces, ease of installation & relocation if needed, and potential for customization make them a versatile choice for homeowners. Moreover, their eco-friendly nature, stemming from the repurposing of shipping containers, aligns well with sustainable living practices.

How Do You Winterize a Container Pool?

Actually, ContainUR Pools are built for year round use & DON’T need to be winterized for several reasons. This includes all equipment with anti-freeze protection, upgraded heater options (gas, propane & electric), ceramic insulation on every interior container wall as well as extra insulation built into the fiberglass shell itself! The most important factor, however, to help with heat loss from your pool is a cover for when not in use. Essentially, you can wear your winter coat over your swimsuit & hop right in! 

How Long Will a Container Pool Last?

With proper care and maintenance, a shipping container pool can last for many years, often comparable to traditional in-ground pools. The lifespan is largely influenced by factors like the quality of the initial waterproofing, regular maintenance, and the local climate. 

Do Container Pools Rust?

While shipping containers are made from corrosion-resistant steel, exposure to water and chemicals can cause rust and corrosion over time. To prevent this, ContainUR Pools treat theirs with water & rust-resistant coatings and properly sealed with their fiberglass shell insert. Regular plus correct cleaning & maintenance should prevent any equipment or otherwise leaks thereby eliminating the interior of the container being exposed to water. In case water gets in between the fiberglass and the container due to weather or another condition, it’s critical to remove the water & air out the space.

Can Shipping Container Pools Be In-Ground?

Yes, shipping container pools can be installed within the on-site grounds or partially inground, although it's less common than above-ground installations. In-ground installation requires excavation and additional structural support to ensure that the pool can withstand the pressure of the surrounding soil. This type of installation often incurs higher costs due to the additional labor and materials required.

Are Container Pools Cheaper?

Container pools are often cheaper than standard in-ground pools. The cost savings come from the nature of pre-fab goods and the reduced labor and material costs associated with their installation. However, the final price can vary based on size, customization, and installation requirements.

How Much Does a Container Pool Cost?

The cost of a container pool varies depending on factors such as size, customization, and installation complexity. On average, prices can range from moderate to high-end, with basic models starting from around 40 thousand dollars, not including shipping or a local contractor install to more elaborate designs costing significantly more. There are also many upgrade options such as a never-ending river jet swimming feature, stairs, covers and other pool equipment.

Where to Buy Container Pools?

Container pools can be purchased from specialized manufacturers or custom builders who specialize in converting shipping containers into pools. Companies like ContainUR Pools offer various options, from essential models to fully custom shipping container pools built and shipped all across Canada and the USA while also being made in the USA. Many companies provide nationwide delivery and installation services.

TLDR; Summary

- Container pools are a trendy, eco-friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools.
- They offer durability, cost-effectiveness, and faster installation.
- Customization options, including hot tub add-ons, make them versatile.
- Proper foundation and maintenance ensure longevity and safety.
- A container pool increases your rental income, enhances the modern design of your home and increases its value.

ContainUR Pools represents a unique, sustainable, and built right choice for homeowners looking to add a swimming pool to their property. With their blend of practicality and modern design, they offer a compelling alternative to traditional pool options. In summary, container pools offer a unique, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to traditional pools. They are durable, customizable, and align well with modern design aesthetics, making them a compelling option for homeowners. With proper care, like with most things, these pools can provide years of enjoyment while adding value to a property.