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We are the only USA made container pool that has a fiberglass shell inside. It completely seals off your swimming area from the container, so you will never swim in rust. We use a proprietary formula for our fiberglass shells that promotes insulation and is thicker (i.e. more durable) than the typical fiberglass pool on the market. In addition, we structurally reinforce and add insulation to the interior walls of all our pools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The 8’x20’ comes with a Hayward Pool Pump, Equipment Timeclock, 100sf Skimmer/Filter System, LED Pool Light and 11KW Electric Heater. The 8’x40’ comes with everything above as well as a Composite Wood Deck and 7’x7’ Hot Tub that includes a Spa Pump and Electric Heater. We structurally reinforce and add insulation to the interior walls of all our pools.

We do not do any onsite installation. However, the install process is simple and straightforward. You will need:

1) Level Pad: The pool needs a level base to sit on, we recommend concrete or Type II compacted gravel. Please contact a local contractor to determine the best option for the soil composition in your area. The pad needs to support 37,000 lbs for the 8’x20 and 50,000 lbs for the 8’x40’.

2) Hook Up: An electrician will need to run a 240V hardwired electrical line to your pool site. Please contact us for specific electrical requirements.

3) Move Into Place: You will need to contract a local crane company to move the pool from the truck into place on your property. The cost varies depending on many factors, but you can request a site visit with the crane company prior to pool delivery for an accurate quote. The crane company will need container hooks, container pads and a spreader bar to move your pool into place. The 8’x20’ unfilled weighs approx. 5,500 lbs. and the 8’x40’ unfilled weighs approx. 10,000 lbs.

4) Permit: Lastly, but most importantly, we do not know the permit requirements for a shipping container pool in your area as we ship throughout the U.S.A. It is the homeowner’s responsibility and expense to find out permitting requirements from your local municipality. We offer a Lot Analysis at an additional expense and, once under contract with us, Stamped Engineered Plans for our pools if needed.

Short answer – yes! Long answer – contact us for specifics, we're happy to walk you through this!

Absolutely! In fact, you don’t have to “winterize” our pools. Every pool comes standard with an 11KW Electric Heater and we offer upgraded heater options in gas, propane, and electric.

Currently, no. Because we use a fiberglass shell that’s created on our mold, we can’t change the interior layout… stay tuned for more options in the future!

For the Reflections colors, we use flakes of acrylic and poly stone and cast them into our gelcoat for a beautiful and smooth effect.

Please contact us directly for current lead times.

We offer a 2-year fiberglass shell warranty and a 3-year structure warranty. We use all Hayward Equipment which is warrantied through them for 3 years.

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