ContainUR Pools: Pioneering Ventures In The World of Custom Swimming Pools

ContainUR Pools: Pioneering Ventures In The World of Custom Swimming Pools

In the vast landscape of swimming pool designs, a relatively big player has emerged swiftly changing the game. Container pools, specifically those crafted from shipping containers, are making waves with an innovative approach, eco-friendly materials, & unique aesthetics. They offer a fresh perspective on what a pool can be. Among top builders in this niche market, 1 name stands out as a leader, ContainUR Pools, INC.

ContainUR Pools finished pool project in a beautiful Airbnb property in Joshua Tree, California


Container pools are a novel concept in the realm of pool design. Essentially, they’re swimming pools crafted from shipping containers. Transforming these containers into pools involves a series of modifications. The container is cut in half and steel welded for reinforcement with a layer of liner, spray epoxies, or fiberglass shell added on top. Moreover, these pools often come equipped with a heating & filtration system, making them fully functional.


ContainUR Pools is a premier builder in the container pool industry. Being 1 of only 2 in the world who do fiberglass inside containers which is superior to the competition’s liners/sprays that aren’t as watertight. ContainUR Pools has swiftly risen the ranks to become a preferred choice among homeowners & commercial property owners alike. Their core philosophy revolves around delivering top-tier pools that not only serve to last, but also as a stylish addition to any property.


What sets ContainUR Pools apart is their unique construction process. While the other container pool providers uses a liner/spray to make their pools, ContainUR Pools opts for a fiberglass pool. This eliminates the need for pool liners, spray epoxy, & the risk of rust.

The fiberglass shell ensures longevity/durability thanks to its resistance to wear & tear. The smooth gel coat finish provides a luxurious feel while adding a touch of elegance to the pool. Built to last, they are made with the highest grade materials, designed to withstand extreme climates, excessive use, and even the most energetic fun. Whether it's a hot summer day or a chilly winter evening, ContainUR Pools are built to endure, providing unwavering quality & performance.

Check out a ContainUR Pool live in action within a luxurious location in Joshua Tree, CA from one of their many clients owning a Short-Term Vacation Rental Property


As a leading innovator container swimming pool company, they are setting new standards in pool projects & construction. As mentioned, the unique approach to crafting container pools using a fiberglass shell, instead of vinyl liners or spray epoxy, ensures no rust in your pool as well as being more waterproof. ContainUR Pools are made with the highest grade materials & premier add-on options guaranteed with a warranty.

One of the key advantages of ContainUR Pools is the ease of delivery plus speed of installation. Unlike traditional in-ground pools that require extensive excavation and construction work, a ContainUR Pool can be installed swiftly & efficiently. This means less disruption to your property for faster access to the new pool you want.

Choosing a ContainUR Pool is an eco-friendly decision. By repurposing shipping containers, ContainUR Pools helps reduce waste & promote sustainable practices. Moreover, the smaller size of container pools compared to traditional pools means less water usage plus fewer chemicals needed for maintenance. All while delivering premium quality without the hefty price tag often associated with bespoke pool options. With their focus on using high-grade materials plus their efficient construction process, ContainUR Pools offers a high-value investment that homeowners can enjoy for years to come.


In the rapidly evolving world of pool design, ContainUR Pools stands as a testament to innovation, quality & customer satisfaction. When it comes to creating a personal oasis in your backyard, ContainUR Pools is a name you can trust. If you're considering the perfect pool for your home or commercial property, ContainUR Pools is absolutely a builder worth considering.


"Quality, durability, & sustainability are at the heart of our business," says the family owners. "We're committed to delivering a product that enhances the value of our customers' properties while also standing the test of time!"

ContainUR Pools offers superior container pools that blend style, functionality, & eco-friendly design. For more information, call or text us to obtain your free quote & get a special offer of $1000+ valued family vacation voucher when you mention it from this article!
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