Explore Container Pools: Compare the Base & Signature 8x20 Models

Explore Container Pools: Compare the Base & Signature 8x20 Models

Your Choice for Outdoor Luxury

Whether you choose the Base 8x20 for a grand swimming experience or the feature-rich Signature 8x20, both models represent the pinnacle of container pool innovation! The Signature model comes equipped with a Smart VS Pump with OmniHUB for efficient water circulation and a 100 SF Filtration & Skimmer System for pristine water clarity. The LED Pool Light creates a mesmerizing ambiance for nighttime enjoyment, while the 11KW Electric Heater extends your pool season.

Discover the Signature 8x20 Container Pool: Compact & Sustainable Luxury

Dive into the future of backyard leisure with our Signature 8x20 Container Pool. This innovative pool, fashioned from a 20-foot shipping container, blends sustainability, style, and functionality. Despite being a compact 20x8 pool, it offers a spacious 3,800-gallon swimming area, showcasing that size does not limit luxury or functionality.

Experience the Elegance of Container Pools

Immerse yourself in the ultimate backyard luxury with the CONTAINER POOL - SIGNATURE MODEL, a 20-foot marvel of design and functionality. This spacious pool, measuring 8' x 20', offers a larger than expected swimming area according to owners that's perfect for families & enthusiasts alike. At a comfortable depth of 4.5 feet and with smooth stair entry, it welcomes swimmers of all ages.

Intimate Spa Experience

This model goes beyond a typical swimming pool. The standout feature? An integrated spa that transforms your backyard into a personal wellness sanctuary, offering an intimate spa experience for relaxation & rejuvenation.

The highlight is the integrated spa, a cozy retreat for relaxation. It brings the luxury of a personal wellness center right into your backyard.

So What Makes Our Models Unique?

The robust Fiberglass Shell, combined with Upgraded Ceramic Insulation and a Painted Container, ensures both energy efficiency & sleek appearance. Equipped with advanced filtration & lighting systems, ensuring cleanliness plus aesthetic appeal. The efficient heating system prolongs your swimming season, complementing the pool's sophisticated design.

These pools are not just swimming areas; they are lifestyle enhancements and symbols of commitment to sustainable luxury. Transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation, style, & eco-conscious living with our container pools!