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Luxe model with acrylic window up-grade shown

8' x 30' container pool - Luxe Model

Swim Space: 3,800 gallons + 500 gallon spa
Length: 30 feet
Width: 8 feet
Depth: From floor to top of rail is 57” which means approximately 4.5’ of water depth
Shallow End: 5.5’ of 11” stairs that lead into the deeper swim area
Empty Weight: 10,000 lbs *
Filled Weight: 50,000 lbs *
Top-Half Container Height: 59”
Bottom Half Container Height: 64”

Product image is shown with acrylic window upgrade (not included). 

What comes with the Luxe Model?

Smart VS Pump with OmniHUB
100 SF Filtration & Skimmer System
LED Pool Light
11KW Electric Heater
Fiberglass Shell
Upgraded Ceramic Insulation
Painted Container
Shipping Container
Plumb Equipment
Equipment Electrical
Composite Wood Deck
6.5 x 6.5 Plug and Play Hot Tub
Spa Pump (for Spa)
Electric Heater (for Spa)
Spa Cover

Shipping is not included in pool price, but a quote will be provided upon request, this is not a guaranteed price and will likely change by the time your pool is ready for shipment. Actual shipping charge is determined once pool is ready to ship.